The team behind tractorpool

As a digital marketplace for trading used agricultural machinery, at tractorpool we see ourselves as more than just an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Our aim is to display a wide range of suitable agricultural technology offers to help you find your dream equipment. With a trading platform that reflects your personal approach to trading in agricultural technology, whether for purchase or lease. In an era where digital technologies are developing at a breakneck pace, we act as your reliable partner, supporting you as the manner in which you trade continues to change and becomes increasingly digital.

Tractorpool is a marketplace that operates beyond national borders, as trading in used agricultural machinery has long been an international affair – in Germany and beyond. With a network of partners to support us in establishing markets for used agricultural machinery in multiple countries, we have now successfully established a presence for tractorpool in twelve countries.

From our base in the Münster region, and as a service of LV digital GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH, we work hard to support the national agricultural technology sector and continue to expand our network, both nationally and internationally, to support you as a farmer or agricultural entrepreneur.

team behind tractorpool

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